And the answer is…

February 3, 2010

Olivia and Auriane with a newborn Angeline in the family berceau.


So of course, the night before my 9:20 am sonogram, our youngest, Angeline, woke up at about 1:30 am sick.  She had already been coughing for about 20 minutes.  At least that’s how long I lay awake listening to her before I decided she wasn’t going to calm down on her own and I needed to give her some cough sirop.  I don’t believe cough medicine works but I knew I would hear about it if she kept coughing and I couldn’t say I treated her in any way.  I was right, she continued to cough for another 10 minutes.  I decided to sleep on the couch holding her in an upright position thinking it was the drainage of her cold while lying down that was making her cough.  I just finished getting the couch ready with a pillow and blankets when I heard it, the gagging reflex that was the sign of a child vomiting.  And sick two-year olds don’t really think about running to the toilet before they’re going to be sick.  I ran in, too late of course.  She was just gearing up for the second round and knowing I would never get her to the bathroom on time, I grabbed a pair of dirty pj’s lying beside the bed and held them under her chin.  Meanwhile, Auriane, with whom she shares a double bed, finally woke up.  I sent her to our bed with a still sleeping Raphael.  When the worst of it was over, I took her to our bathroom, got us both cleaned up and into our bed, making it four in the bed.  After a few more bouts with the toilet and one or two on a towel on our bed, I detoured to the ready couch and left the kids with Raphael.  So, after spending most of the night with Angeline and her gastro, a stomach virus, I wondered as I lay on the couch, would I get to the doctor in the morning for my appointment?    We made it with a much better Angeline along for the show.  And finally learned the highly anticipated words… 


It’s a girl! 

And then last night, it was olivia’s turn to be sick. 



  1. Hope everyone feels better! I know that’s rough!!


  2. Rachel and Raphael-
    So happy for a healthy addition to your family, looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Amanda, Bchara, and Alexandra

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