Woof’s return home…

February 14, 2010

Filou returned home a week ago drugged up and kind after his surgery.  He was out enough to let even Raphael near enough to pet him.  We thought he had a change of heart towards Raphael but it only lasted 24 hours or so before the drugs wore off and he was feeling well enough to resume his incessant barking of any person other than my mother-in-law and the kids.

Although the veterinarian didn’t find a stone in his belly, the surgery allowed him to determine the true cause of Filou’s illness;  Pancreatitis.  It’s apparently an untreatable disease that is cured by time and limited food intake.  He is currently on antibiotics either for the Pancreatitis or in prevention of infection after his surgery.  His poor belly is slit from rib cage to his hind legs and I worry that the girls will hurt him in their excitement to have him home. 

It turns out, Filou did eat a stone.  A day or so after he returned home, my mother-in-law found a stone in his poop.  She kept it of course, to show the vet.  Is this the whitish shape seen on the x-ray?  Did it pass before the veterinarian performed the surgury or did he eat the rock after returning home?  And once again, I wonder, why would a dog eat a rock?


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