In the snow

February 17, 2010


Backyard under snow




After a week of uncertainty, we’ve successfully left France and arrived on the east coast  of the states.  So what happens to a guy from Provence when you drop him down between two blizzards with scattered snow showers in between?  (By scattered I mean snowing off and on each day.)   

First, you get the car stuck at the bottom of the two long hills that lead to your mother’s house, at dusk, requiring him to walk up those hills in heavy snow lugging multiple suitcases and bags.   

Then early, before 7 am early, the next morning you ask him to shovel out the driveway so mom can get the car out for work.  Oh yeah, and you ask him to do it again the following day and the day after.   

Shoveling snow


He’s loving it.  This afternoon as we left the grocery store, Raphael exclaimed that he felt like he was in the Alps, minus the majestic snow topped mountain peaks.    

The kids are loving it too.  Sled riding and snow man making fill the afternoons.  Olivia’s making and icicle collection.  Angeline’s slightly less enthusiastic.  Her first venture to the backyard ended with her getting stuck in waist deep snow unable to get up.  Olivia tried to help but Angeline being Angeline, just got angry at the snow and that was that for her.   

The best part about the change of scene for me is that it’ll be brief.  Unlike my friends and family who’ve been enduring the snow since January, I will happily return to Provence in a few weeks where spring will likely be arriving with the first blossoms on the fruit trees coming  in early March.  

Olivia and her snow man.


One comment

  1. Wow. I understand why you are happy to be in the states right now, but boy, those photos make me want to be in Provence!! 😉

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