Mad mornings

March 15, 2010



I spent 20 minutes chasing a folded piece of paper around the parking lot of Carrefour this morning thanks to the wind.  It fell out of my pocket when I reached for my keys and fearing it might contain some important information, I hesitated only a moment before beginning the chase.  It blew under my car and as I reached for it, the wind took it across the grassy divider into the next lane and under another car, and so on.  Upon retrieval, I discovered it was a notice from the school reminding parents that the kids would celebrate Carnival on Friday and Angeline must be dressed in her déguisement at home.  This would be a hugely important notice if it had been stuck to my refrigerator door.  Lost in the depths of my coat pocket, it is useless and I’m likely to forget. 

Note:  Do not forget to dress Angeline in her costumer Friday morning. 

There are days when I wonder if my decision to have another child was wise.  These are the days when just getting the kids off to school, forget about on time, seems and insurmountable task – preparing breakfast, and a slice of brioche slapped with a layer of Nutella or a bowl of cereal hardly counts as preparing;  finding matching shoes, hats and often coats;  foraging through the cupboard for the goûtez.   It’s not so much performing these tasks as the constant pushing and arguing that come with them.  The never-ceasing argument over what to wear.  Who would’ve thought that begins at the age of two?  It’s the youngest two who give me the most problems in this area insisting on a dress or an outfit resembling a dress, like leggings and a long shirt, on a daily basis.  It must also be the proper color – blues, greens and basically anything other than pink or purple, will not do.  One girl must not be dressed ‘prettier’ than the other.  This is evaluated based on color, fullness of skirt or whether or not the dress boasts ruffles.  Oh, and “skirts do NOT count as a dress, Mommy.”  They put up less of a fight over shoes.  Although that might be because I hide their favorites – the ballerina’s, patent leather flats, and shiny summer sandals.  Auriane does have issues with comfort, however.  The line of her tights must fall precisely along the tip of her toes.  Her underwear must be roomy and yet not twist under those tights.  Turtlenecks must not be too tight, ie:  they must sag.  I have to admit, I had issues with tights when I was her age.  I hated how they would slip down between my legs and sag.  I used to wear a second pair of underwear on top to hold them up.  I had forgotten about this until Auriane’s issues.  

Hair brushing is a necessary evil and Monday mornings are the worst.  After a weekend when, in order to preserve the sanity of all involved, hair brushing is optional.  Olivia gives it a try when she’s in the mood.  This involves running a baby brush down each side of her heat the putting on a head band.  They’re allowed to choose their own clothes on the weekend as well provided they are weather appropriate.  If that means the orange fluorescent tights that they begged me for under a pink sundress, so be it.  Just as long as they don’t forget the red and white striped turtleneck underneath.  

 My girls are morning people, usually up and bothering my mother-in-law before Raphael and I stir.  One of the pluses of living with grandparents.  The girls are just not too fond of school, or at least, being rushed to go to school.  And so they drag, they daydream, they take ten minutes to put one leg through their underwear.  So I dress them.  One by one, even Olivia.  She’s the biggest daydreamer of the three and the only one who actually has to work in school so you can guess how much desire she has to go.   

There will come a day, I know, when all this will end.  They’ll dress themselves, brush their own hair and teeth and ignore my lovingly prepared breakfast as they rush off to school.  I’ll be sad and think nostalgically back on the days when we both got excited to dress for school in a real fairy dress. 



  1. That’s terrible that you had to chase that piece of paper!

    I did the same thing with tights and underwear. Why can’t they make tights that won’t sag like that? It used to drive me crazy.

    “There will come a day, I know, when all this will end…I’ll be sad…” You have no idea how sad you will be and how you will long for one more moment of them NEEDING you. ♥

  2. I lose papers in my house and spend mad hours trying to chase them down. Argh. My girls still give me trouble when I see what they choose to wear in the morning, not always weather appropriate…usually the start of a good argument 5 seconds before we have to leave or we’ll be late…

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