C’est le carnaval…

March 19, 2010

This afternoon was warm and sunny for today’s carnaval.  A slight breeze drifted in from the south announcing possible rain for the weekend but no one was paying attention.  All revelers were riveted on the drum playing trapeze act in the Champs du Mars.   

 The brightly colored musicians pounded away as a large yellow crane spun them slowly in a circle over the crowd of amazed school children.    


The theme of this year’s carnaval was les Couleurs.   A parade of children from the three elementary school’s in town all joyfully dressed in their deguisements marched from their schools to the Mairie.     


Olivia’s class was ‘La Mer’, ‘Les Coquelicots’, L’Arc en Ciel’ et ‘Les Coeurs’. Olivia was the sea.



Auriane was a little painter.

Angeline chose her deguisement.

We stood around for 45 minutes listening to the three bands compete for attention.    


After a quick speech from the mayor which no one heard despite the blow horn, (No competing with a couple hundred kids.) the parade made its way to the Champs de Mars for the flying spectacle. 

Kid’s, teacher’s and mommy’s, are happily tired this evening after a successful Carnaval.


One comment

  1. Gosh A has changed. I wouldn’t have recognized if it weren’t for the caption. Love the photos. Great writing! xxx

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