Sunny dandelion days…

April 14, 2010


Dandelion necklaces are an excellent way to make use of all those yellow weeds sprouting up in the vines and gardens and pass a sunny vacation day.   

 The girls are halfway through their first week of the spring/Easter holiday and yesterday we enjoyed a perfect spring day playing with friends.  

Justine and Angeline la coquine. Justine, who happily showed Auriane how to make the dandelion necklace, and her two boys, Louis and Augustin drove up from the Avignon area with two roasted chickens from their local market. We ate them in the garden, with rice salad and wild asparagus, the sun burning through the back of my shirt, a welcome change from the chilly rain of last week. The adults lingered over coffee and chocolate while the kids spent a happy afternoon rolling down the hillside, climbing trees, building dams in the water canal, and helping Papi prune trees. Love the belly on Angeline.


In general having a great time putting holes in the knees of their play clothes, getting grass stains on their shirts, and sticks stuck in their hair.  A perfect spring afternoon.


One comment

  1. Children free and playing, wonderful.

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