Ferme en ferme…

April 23, 2010

What a busy week!  All in preparation for this weekends big event, the Ferme en Ferme.  Organized by the CIVAM, the Ferme en Ferme is alway held the last weekend in April.  An open door to all types of farms throughout various regions in France, the objective of the Ferme en Ferme is to  allow people to discover the métiers and know-how of the farming industry.  Each department is organized into mapped out circuits that are followed, or not.  We are part of the Ardeche de Ferme en Ferme and our circuit is number 10.  We are one of 5 wine makers on the path.  Our circuit is excellent for those who want to do a winery hop.  Besides wine, you can visit a grower of cacti, producer of essential oils, a cheese maker, a honey producer, an almond producer, makers of juice and two restaurants – one for lunch and one for dinner if you wish.  What’s great about our location is that we are on the border of the Drome, another participating department.  So visitors can go back and forth between the two locations for more diversity.

This is my first year as a participant, although I’m not a farmer, and have no desire to be one outside of our little potager and maybe a few chickens and sheep in the near future.  (Raphael has assured me that both chickens and sheep are mostly self sufficient and require no care outside of feeding them.  This remains to be seen.)  Raphael participated in the first Ferme on Ferme the year before we met.  It just so happened that the following year, we were married on the same weekend and each year since, our anniversary falls around the same time.  (It’s Tuesday.) 

I’ve been busy over the past week spring cleaning the store,  reorganizing and unpacking new stock.  We got a new delivery of ice cream from Terre Adélice.  If you ever see the name on a café or store be sure to try it, I recommend the myrtille or blueberry and the bio fraise or organic strawberry.   WE also added some new products like goat’s cheese and saucisson.  This may become a problem however, since we are primarily a wine store selling our own wine and the cheese especially, is stinking up the place – not good for the wine. 

The visit will include tours of the winery with explanations on winemaking.  Visitors can try to cork a bottle using the old fashioned hand corking tool.  Raphael says it’s impossible.  I think we should offer a prize for those who succeed. 

Needless to say, 8 months pregnant, three kids at home on school vacation, and a week of cleaning, I’m exhausted.  I hope the weekend is a success but I’m looking forward to next week when it’s all over and I can finally rest.


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