Road tripping our wine across the Americas…

April 26, 2010

The family Corbasson is on the last leg of a year long camping car trip across the states and south America.  They are from our town and wanted to share a part of France with the Americas. Thus the story of the 12 bottles.   Before they left, the Corbasson’s stopped by our winery to choose 12 bottles of wine, the first 11 to be opened at turning points in their trip.  The 12th, to be opened upon their return to France.  They chronicled the voyage on their own blog mentioning our bottles as each one was opened.  The blog is all in French so those of you who don’t speak the language will probably not be interested in their story but the pictures tell it just as powerfully.  Raphael and I now hold the dream to make this voyage someday.  They’ve enjoyed 8 bottles, the first upon their arrival in DC and the 8th just last week along the “Ruta 3, the most southern road in the world”‘.  You can follow each bottle, labelled episodes.   We are honored that they chose our wine to accompany them on their adventures.



  1. Hi Rachel,
    I enjoy your writing so much. It brings back lovely memories for me. I fantasize about bringing my husband John back to meet your magical world and get to know Rafael and family. God Bless you,R., the girls (all 4)and Raf’s parents as well.

  2. Once again I wish I spoke (or at least read) French. Sounds fantastic.

  3. what a fantastic idea for wine drinking, I recently was in France and loved the wine and cheese. would love to stay at your bed and breakfast sometime.
    Brian and Pam

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