Pieces of spring…

May 3, 2010

I’m trying to work on my photography skills.  I don’t have the most advanced camera but it’s hard for me to pass up an opportunity to attempt what I think could be a nice photo.  In college, I was required to take a photography course.  At that time there were no digital camera so everything was like ‘in the olden days’ with manual focus and manual developing.  The teacher was eccentric and I’m not sure I learned much but I enjoyed the photo taking even if my results were often out of focus.  So here’s a selection of my recent attempts…  Okay, so they’re mostly kids.  My family will be happy with this post.

Too bad this wasn't in focus.


I love this tree for its purple blossoms and the scent the give off.  Unfortunately, it grows in area that is distracted by other, less attractive items – just behind the girl’s swing set which is how I came to notice the butterfly and before that, a hummingbird, tasting the flowers nectar, while watching Angeline play.  Behind the swing set is a wall on the other side of which is our chantier, or house in progress, at present piles of various size and quality of stone, a selection of wooden and metal beams, and stuff that I consider ready for the déchetterie.  This lovely tree provides a much needed source of beauty in the area. 

Catching butterfly's.


Auriane and a wild leek.






 Filou is for sale if anyone is interested.  He’s really cute.  Perfect with the kids.  Angeline pulls him around by his leash and Auriane likes to carry him around but seems to always pick him up by his rear and under his neck.  I feel bad for the poor thing except that he is not so fond of Raphael and barks continuously when he is around. 

Must not forget Kitty.


One comment

  1. Great photos! And I love Filou! I wish I could take him home.

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