Waiting for baby…

May 28, 2010

I realize I’ve been slacking on my writing these past few weeks.  As I near the end of this pregnancy, only a week left to go, along with all the other wonderful things that occur in the final month – difficulty sleeping, back aches, moodiness, I find it difficult to focus on any one thing at a time including writing.  While each day brings new things to write about, I can’t seem to concentrate long enough to form a proper post and those that I have published are not at the standard at which I would like them to be. 

I wish I could say I’ve been distracted with daydreaming about the baby and her arrival.  We don’t even have a name picked out (We’re taking suggestions.).  Until this past week, my distractions have been due to preparing the bed & breakfast for the season.  One would think all the work of packing up and moving boxes of books and toys as well as ‘helping’ Raphael move furniture would make the baby come sooner.  The first two were both over two weeks late and I’m beginning to wonder about this one. 

This also, along with the harvest month, happens to be Raphael’s busiest season in the fields.  Between early morning and late night treatments, I am doing most of the care for the three kids alone.  And given my energy level and mood, I’m on the verge of feeding them bowls of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They’ll be thrilled since they take after their American genes in this case and love cereal.  The only problem is the amount of sugar.  Their excessive energy levels might put me over the edge.

So, for the next week, if baby doesn’t come, I’ll be republishing posts from my former blog.  And I’m making a list of everything I want to write about to make it up to you when my energy is low only due to sleepless nights and not due to a second human being sucking it all up from the inside.



  1. You are amazing just to be writing this! Hopefully she’ll come right on time, bon courage.

    Violette, Madeleine, Paloma, Kathleen, Tiffany, Margot, Clotilde, Esther, Zélie, Lauren…I love girl names!

    • Thanks, More amazing – I just helped my husband move a kitchen table out of a room and into the cave. Still, baby won’t come. Thanks for the names. I actually mentioned Clotilde to my husband recently. It’s a good thing you had girls.

  2. you are wrong, your posts are as good and interesting as ever
    I wish you the best for the coming days.


  3. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve named the new baby girl! My dream would be to have 4 girls… Sigh. Just have to convince my husband. And try already having two then three children! Hahah. Hope you have a wonderful birth!

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