About Rachel

Born and raised in the states, with each year I live in France, I become more and more French (and countryfied).  I live in the Rhone Valley, in the southern most point of the Ardeche, a department I never knew existed before meeting my husband over a glass of his wine in a supermarket in Paris.  Called the ‘Door of Provence’, once I opened this door, I embarked on a new life in the south of France.

Together, Raphael and I love to welcome people at the winery and our bed & breakfast, La Source de Cousignac, in the ‘family’ house.  When I’m not  raising our mostly French daughters (and various other animals as they come and go), I try to learn everything about life in Provence.  The first things I learned is that while I may cook better than I garden, I prefer gardening;  I will most likely never be able to find a good mushroom in the woods;  I’m not particular fond of wild boar meat;  and yes, the workers you hire for house renovation do take their own time to get things done.

This blog is for those who want to escape to Provence, either for a visit to our bed & breakfast or just by reading the stories about the places, people, food and lifestyle that are This Provençal Life.


One comment

  1. I had followed your wonderful blog this past summer, but have not seen new posts since July.
    My husband and I are planning another visit to provence, perhaps in September…We would like to be in Provence for the grape harvest. Could you please forward some information on your B&B?

    I have noted online that both Spain and Italy offer a program called: ” adopt an olive tree” which, for a fee, permits one to ” adopt” a tree, and receive olive oil for a contracted period of time.~ I have researched, but cannot find any such opportunity in Provence. Are you aware of any olive oil producers in Provence that would offer such an opportunity?

    Many thanks for your very kind assistance.

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