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Learning to Forgive

January 30, 2010

Cross in les Beaux de Provence


This morning I am full of anger and bitterness.  I feel I am surrounded by envy, pride and greed and all due to money and housing.  These feelings are sinful, including my own.  Sin breeds evil and we have enough of that in the world already.  My Christian heart tells me I need to forgive and love my enemies.  I can’t do that.  Or maybe I don’t want to.  I’m not ready.

Then I think how sad, how pitiful I am.  I am blessed.  I have all my family safe and healthy, plenty of food, water and things I don’t need.  I think of the people of Haiti.  They’ve lost family, children, friends, limbs and everything that formed what just a few days ago was their life.  They are singing praises to the Lord thanking Him for their lives and the one measly meal they ate this day.  A woman stumbles along the roof of what once was her home searching for anything left of what once made up her life.  Someone, probably a journalist, asks if life will go on.  “Life will go on,” she replies.  “God lives.  God is with us.  Life will go on.”  That is faith, I know, and I need to pray for the ability to forgive and someday love those who’ve hurt me and mine.