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Words & Wine 2010

July 16, 2010

Recently, we completed our second Vine & Wine tour.  Unfortunately I was unable to accompany the group on many of the outings.  Here are a few of my highlights.         

The first winery of the week was our neighbor, Domaine Gallety.         

Alain Gallety gave us a full tour of the caves.



One of the first producers of the AOC Cotes du Vivarais.  Their exclusivity means they are always sold out of wine to our disappointment.  So we are thrilled when they open a bottle each of their two wines, ‘Domaine Gallety’ and ‘Sy’rare’, a play on words since Sy’rare is 100% Syrah grapes and only a small amount is produced each year.         

The winery visit was followed by a tour of Viviers, a medieval village which retains most of its original buildings.         

The cathedral of Viviers, the smallest cathedral in France.


 After our tour, the group enjoyed a gastronomical lunch at Relais du Vivarais.  The group was off to visit  Mas d’Intras.  It was a day for local wineries and it ended with a tour and tasting at our own winery, Notre Dame de Cousignac.        


 We prepared dinner of wild boar.  Surprise, the meat had fur and a hoof until shortly before our guests ate it.  I’m not a fan of wild boar but Raphael prepare this one perfectly.        


Unfortunately this was my last outing with the group until Cassis.  I missed Avignon and Chateauneuf du Pape with a tasting at Ogier;  I missed Die and Jaillance and the restaurant Le Caveau;  Jaboulet and Lyon and the amazing dinner at L’Escalin.        

And then finally Cassis.        




Welcome home Corbasson’s…

July 5, 2010

The Corbasson’s  have returned from their 9 month trek across north and south America along with the final bottle of Cousignac, the Côtes du Rhône red.   The bottle traveled 45400 kilometers from our humble winery in the Ardèche to New York City to the final stop in Ushuaia where it was stamped by customs.

We invited the Corbasson family over for a welcome home bbq and of course, to share bottle number 12.  We all wanted to hear about their adventures in more detail and we were full of questions.  I couldn’t help but wonder how many times since their return they had answered the same questions and told the same stories.  Were they reliving their adventures by recounting them to us?  I understood that their most memorable moments were those unexpected meeting with locals who extended extraordinary hospitality.  At one time, they were invited to stay the week with the taxi driver who collected them after their camper broke down.  They accepted and passed a week sharing every aspect of daily life with this extended family.  I don’t remember where they said they were at the time but I do know it was in south America.

After tasting the travelling Côtes du Rhône, which everyone agreed had held up nicely given the distance and motion and lack of proper storage conditions it had been subjected to, we surprised the family with a few ‘bottles’ as a keepsake of their journey; four magnums. The first a Côtes du Vivarais Red christened Amerique du Nord, a Côtes du Rhône for Amerique Central, and a Côtes du Rhône Village for Amerique du Sud.  The final bottle – a cuvée Ardèsc.

Four magnums and the travelling Côtes du Rhône. Oh, and the Corbasson's with Raphael.

The Corbasson’s invited us along on their adventure by sharing moments on their blog, .  Before they left, they stopped by our winery and purchased 12 bottles of wine to share with the new friends they would make along the way.  They were taking a piece of France with them, they said.  Each wine was opened at a precise location and marked in their blog as an episode;  the first ‘episode’ was at the White House.  The final was upon their return to France and the bottle’s return to Cousignac.


Road tripping our wine across the Americas…

April 26, 2010

The family Corbasson is on the last leg of a year long camping car trip across the states and south America.  They are from our town and wanted to share a part of France with the Americas. Thus the story of the 12 bottles.   Before they left, the Corbasson’s stopped by our winery to choose 12 bottles of wine, the first 11 to be opened at turning points in their trip.  The 12th, to be opened upon their return to France.  They chronicled the voyage on their own blog mentioning our bottles as each one was opened.  The blog is all in French so those of you who don’t speak the language will probably not be interested in their story but the pictures tell it just as powerfully.  Raphael and I now hold the dream to make this voyage someday.  They’ve enjoyed 8 bottles, the first upon their arrival in DC and the 8th just last week along the “Ruta 3, the most southern road in the world”‘.  You can follow each bottle, labelled episodes.   We are honored that they chose our wine to accompany them on their adventures.


Words and Wine blog

February 20, 2010

Check out the Words and Wine blog.  The header is a huge picture of Raphael looking very French Provençal Winemaker.  And the current post is about our wine.  Here’s the link:


Our Vin de Pays…

February 17, 2010

The donkey’s a little distracting in this You Tube video but I wanted to share it with you,  We found this last night surfing for our wine on the web.  The animator is reviewing our Vin de Pays, a simple wine which has become one of our most popular.  The 2007 cuvee was in the top 100 out 1325 entries in the London Wine Fair. The 2009 recently placed 9th in the top 50 during the Montpellier Wine Fair and received a Coup de Coeur, literally translated, a beat of the heart.  But thee awards are not what make this wine so popular.  Simply, it’s a great wine with a cheap price. 

After a rough 2008 for most wine makers in the Rhone Valley, I have to brag about all our accolades for our 2009 vintage.  We recently received the great news that our Cotes du Rhone received 4 gold medals in the Orange contest.  The Cotes du Rhone Villages, our first ever, received 2 silver medals in the same contest.  Yeah!

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