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Music to work by…

July 12, 2010

The soft sound of violin breaks through the heavy afternoon heat which seems to blanket the entire region deafening out all noise except the cicadas.   It accompanies me as I clean a bedroom in preparation for this evenings guests.  Through the end of this week we have various classical musicians, all part of the Cordes En Ballade, a festival of classical music in the Ardèche.  Each year we host musicians from the festival here at La Source de Cousignac.  It’s our treat to have ‘free concerts’ in our salon when they join to practice for the evenings show.  The girls are fascinated by the speed at which they play their instruments.  We’re not a musical family although Raphael did play the alto as a child.  I’m told he wasn’t extraordinary.  We still have the ancient instrument in the attic.  Ancient because it was old fashioned when he learned on it. 

 I wanted to publish a video of them playing but can’t seem to make it work.  With any luck, I’ll figure it out soon.